Friday, July 3, 2009

Haven't updated for a long time....

I'm back in Brunei on 5 JULY.... What a relief...after 10 months abroad.

About my blog, I haven't updated it for 4 months. I was really busy and the school restricts access to blogs. So let me make an update on what I have done in the past 4 months apart from preparing for my exams which I think I have done alright.

21 June 2009
My trip to St. Andrews.

For those who don't know where St. Andrews is, ask the golfers. It's the birthplace of golf. The beaches and the University of St. Andrews are equally famous as well.

The church in St. Andrews. (It doesn't just look old... It was burned down many century ago.)

The beach in St. Andrews (with icy water)

One of the lawns at the University of St. Andrews.
Besides that, I also made a trip to University of Edinburgh, London School of Economics... I didn't bring a camera with me, so no photos.
I think the new building in CHMS is up and running already. I will make one trip there to have a look at the classrooms and the labs. I will also have to write a personal statement for my UCAS application form.
Will update again when I am back in Brunei.

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